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Reach Millions of TWDU Fans Via AMC's Twitch Channel

As the very first TWDU Twitch channel partner, McDonald’s gave superfans something worth screaming about.

To reach our rabid fans everywhere they consume content, McDonald’s sponsored fun, interactive weekly segments on the Twitch channel where viewers voted on which menu items should be substituted into a TWDU script. Twitch hosts acted these Mad Libs out live and gave in-show shout-outs throughout. In addition to on-air promotion within The Walking Dead programming on AMC, McDonald’s received custom co-branded banners and a sponsorship tied to new editorial articles on in order to drive viewers to Twitch throughout the campaign.


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Integrate McDonald's into TWDU Twitch channel, our first partner on this platform


  • Special in-show featurette
  • Pre-roll before TWDU Twitch show streams
  • On-air promotion


  • Co-branded banners on
  • Editorial sponsorship


  • Saw a 10% Follower increase

  • 2.44M Live views


Minutes Watched


Unique Viewers

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Ilene Danuff SVP, Cross Portfolio & Partnership Sales


Mike DiGiacomo SVP, Content Room & Integrated Marketing