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AMCN Digital

The AMCN Audience Advantage

AMCN Digital offers a brand safe, audience-led, transparent inventory pool compounded with the future of targeting and automation while still enabling a direct relationship. By leveraging our exclusive sales rights and advanced technology, partners can buy across multiple platforms, at scale, guaranteed to run alongside AMCN’s premium content.

Scale: Be Everywhere Our Viewers Are

With a strong emphasis on creative messaging for our brand partners, we continue our mission to follow our viewers and have expanded to be everywhere our fans are: Owned & Operated apps, AVOD/FAST, social media, and including three new fan-centric destinations: TWDUniverse on Twitch, and Reddit.

Targeting: Data Capabilities

AMCN Digital offers data transparency and the ability to layer first party data to create customer segments and reach new audiences at scale in an automated way.

Storytelling: AMCN’s Legacy

We create visual, engaging and targeted stories to a highly engaged digital audience all year round. With our Advanced Advertising capabilities, we can precisely target your audience as the viewer is consuming our content. We’ve taken it one step further and curated Digital Bundles with original programming all year along. The Walking Dead Universe is prime example, of the very best of our original content.

Product Suite: Turn-key Digital Activation

AMCN Digital has the ability to showcase a marketer’s message through our suite of turn-key digital products: sponsorships, co-branding, integrations (addressable, programmatic, rich media), exclusive positions, show level targeting, in-stream inclusions, AMCN amplification, Twitch promotion, and channel branding.